Reputation Management & Environmental Scanning

Online reputation management focus on building customer loyalty for your brand or company. The MITSloan article on stresses that rather than baseline marketing, reputation management is corporate defense. The goal is to create and nurture a following of brand ambassadors. This article then advises brands use a 4-step strategy to guide their rep management initiatives. The first step is to identify a goal. From there, decide which areas of the business to focus on to achieve those goals. The end goal is building a great reputation with its customers and clients to motivate them to remain loyal to your brand. I found this article very helpful, especially for people who don’t understand rep management through social media very well.

The idea of rep management is to aggregate and nurture this following consistently, so that in times of crisis or negative media, social or otherwise, a brand can address the issues to this audience easier and because a lot of times, they will come to a brand’s defense… or, when things are good, they will promote the brand.

The AdWeek article Data Points: Social Faux Pas provides a great visual snapshot of how consumers interact with brands online and for what reasons. It also shows that younger people (18 -34 years old) turn to social media more than people ages 47-65. People usually interact with a brand’s social media to share experiences, good and bad, and to share or seek more information. This provides brands the opportunity to interact positively with it’s followers and build relationships.

Another key component to online rep management is environmental scanning. It helps a brand’s social media team work more efficiently and thoroughly by scanning the online environment for keywords relevant to your brand. One example of this is Twitter’s TweetDeck, but there are more in-depth scanning tools, like TARGUSinfo, mentioned in PR Newswire’s Amplifying Your Social Echo. This article also gives a lot of strategic advice on handling different types of situations and practices to implement to most effectively manage a brands online rep.

Another feature of online rep management is that every online interaction can be measured through social analytics. This gives brands the ability to analyze interactions in-depth and gain insights to guide future efforts. The ability to directly correlate ROI with online rep management is not always easy, but experts believe this will be possible in the future.


  1. Do you feel your company is fully equipped to deal with negative social media responses? Why or why not?
  2. Have you experienced interaction with a brand/company over social media? How did it go?
  3. Are there any companies that you think have exemplary social media practices, particularly in the online reputation management area? If so, which ones and why?

One thought on “Reputation Management & Environmental Scanning

  1. I do feel my company is equipped to handle it- recruiting is all an online activity anymore… So, all of us internally are constantly online reviewing resumes, searching for new clients etc. At the same time, we have our own Social Medias, as well as the company versions open as well to make sure we don’t miss candidates or clients contacting us through that. Easy Leads right? So- if there is anything negative we address it immediately. We call up the candidate/client and figure out what happened to give bad comments, and correct it if at all possible.
    We had a client who was tired of receiving our campaign emails blast us online via Facebook and immediately our IT and Marketing Departments called our office and were ripping us a new one for not taking them off prior to the post. We got it corrected, and the client deleted the comment out of respect, but a big learning lesson.

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